The Buzzing Fly Show

Some time ago we announced our premiere performance of Guignol Mucha Cukotucha [The Buzzing Fly]. The show took place in the friendly surroundings of Stacja Falenica. Thank you all for coming. We promise to repeat the performance for those who missed it, and now we invite everyone to watch a short report.

The fairy tale by Korniej Chukowski in Russian has been published and filmed many times, and the heroine herself even got her own postage stamp.

One day Mucha Cukotucha organises a birthday party. She invites friends to tea with jam. The fly is visited by a pleiad of insect stars: cockroaches, beetles, grasshoppers, centipedes, ladybirds, as well as a spider and a mosquito – all the insects we know from the forest and the garden, and sometimes also at home. What’s happening next? Surprise, because our daughter Gutka performatively changed the ending 🙂

Another revelation in our show is the Guignols, with which we cast the lead roles of the story. Guignols is a puppet show, born in Lyon (France), at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. At the beginning of an activity, these wooden puppets were supposed to bring joy and justice to the French class society. The main character of the theatre is the Guignol with a stick (le baton) for dispenses justice. Puppets quickly became popular, usually in the parks and gardens. Today, we can even see them on television and in commercials. There is also The Grand Guignol, but we strongly advise against going with your kids.

Our Guignols are original wooden figures imported from France. However, we transformed them for the show, adding wings made of stockings and extra wire legs to make them look more like insects.

Below are some photos from the premiere. You can see it was a great adventure for us! Both Gutka and Gajka were already living the show during the preparations, probably not fully aware of what they were getting into. But they bravely put on a fun element of surprise and performance. We also sang together composed songs. After the performance, for dessert, we held an art workshop for children and parents, of course in the making of insect puppets.

Now we are dreaming of a tour of international festivals of children’s theatre. And if you want us to perform The Buzzing Fly at your place, write to us, maybe we will come up 🙂

The performance was held as part of the Mobile in Culture programme of the City of Warsaw and supported by the Other Space Foundation.


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