Welcome after a time of silence! We have the news. A few weeks ago, we changed our place of residence. From a small house in Falenica, (suburbs of Warsaw), we moved to a flat in a several-storey block in Bielany (northern Warsaw). Ugh. Yes, it was a bit difficult, but emotions slowly fell, we unpacked boxes finally. Now, we are ready for the work, to writing, drawing, cooking and travelling!

In hindsight, the change of place wasn’t even that bad. The view of a spreading spruce tree and a garden we changed for the panorama of Warsaw. From the perspective of the fourteenth floor, the city looks tolerable, a bit like Manhattan 🙂 We are also impressed by the friendly and warm residents of the block. This is not so common in Warsaw.

We sail through the stars.

We made a preliminary reconnoitre of the neighbourhood. Bielany is an enclave of greenery, with many tiny yards, parks, playgrounds and wild forest. More about our backyard adventures soon. Now back to moving house. First of all, we had some concerns about how our daughter Guta and Gaia would bear the move. The house with a garden was magical for them, even on cold and rainy days. Our kids had their paths, trees, sandpit, spiders, cats, stairs, windows and a spruce tree where squirrels and jays jumped. Now, in the new flat, they have more space and own room, the neighbourhood of grandmother, the playgrounds and forest. I have the impression, for Guta, who remembers Falenica better, moving away was an uncomfortable experience. In serious conversations, she prefers not to return to it. Yes Guta, it was so pleasant to sit on the steps, drink coffee, eat afternoon tea, and intoxicate ourselves with the scent of lilies.

Landing in the new apartment.

Secondly, it turned out that we have thousands of unnecessary items. For five years living in the house, with the magnet’s power, we attracted a whole bunch of dust piles and knick-knack, souvenirs and mementoes, various „useful” and „pity to throw away”. All these things can be hidden at home, but don’t try to do it in your flat. Therefore, in the new place, we decided to become minimalists. Keep your fingers crossed!

We said goodbye to Falenica with a theatrical performance about Mucha Cukotucha. Sometimes we are going on small business, and by the way, we drop in for the best vegan pizza in town, walk through the dunes or go to the Świder river.

Our new home is a real super-unit. Like the Black Pearl, rushes through the stormy world, just like in the photo we are publishing up. So we are catching the wind in our sails. We will let you know where we are going soon.



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